Tricks to save and get money from where there is none | Back to School Loans

18 Jul

It’s September and we all know what this month tastes like: yes, at expenses. In fact, the issue is not trivial if we consider that the average expenditure of Spaniards per child ranges between 200 and 400 euros, and even some studies put this investment at 500 euros.  

To make matters worse

To make matters worse

It turns out that we Spaniards are the ones who spend more money on textbooks – specifically 66% of the budget – compared to countries like France, where with 17% of the budget they leave the quagmire.

But did you know that going back to school can be less expensive for your pocket if you give up some simple saving tips?

Yes, going back to school can become an idyllic walk that does not harm our savings too much, taking into account the guidelines that from our loan and account comparator we are about to sneak up on.

Therefore, write it on the cutlet as we help you pass the exam. Surely if you apply them, they end up doing your postvacational finances great.

OCU tips for a return to the tight money school


As always, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) launches its ‘commandments’ for a return to the classroom as economical and sensitive as possible. In fact, if we stick to these tips, we are sure to reduce the bill considerably and we will have enough liquidity to face any unforeseen event that may come up, as we will have made our purchases headlong.

  • Buy what is really needed. In this case we must restrain our own and incipient consumerist impulses of our children and review the material of other years. We will surely run into a backpack, a folder and even unused notebooks that can withstand a few more rounds without having to take out your wallet.
  • Stagger the purchases. Nothing happens if we defer certain acquisitions or even advance them to avoid excessive disbursements. The truth is that sometimes certain articles and school supplies are not so urgent and we can give a certain truce to our finances.
  • Offers and discounts. Sometimes more is less. That is, we may offer several products at an economical price, but our son may not need so many saddlebags and therefore we are spending more than necessary when purchasing material – which although cheaper – will not be able to use.
  • Compare the prices of textbooks. In this sense, it is impossible for us to screw up thanks to the emergence of tools such as Textbooks, a textbook comparator. A resource that with the simple introduction of the ISBN allows us to save up to 20% on the purchase of school books.
  • Barter and exchange platforms. In recent years, and led by the economic crisis, another way of dealing with school expenses has prospered. Specifically, the exchange of used and second-hand books, in addition to the organization of book banks for the return of children to the classroom. Therefore, do not forget to visit websites such as, where you can access a myriad of books at a reasonable price.

In addition to all these tips, we can talk about a good handful of rules that will help us keep spending at bay:

  • To buy, better without children. In this way we avoid getting infatuated with unnecessary material whose purchase will only contribute to foolishly invoice the invoice.
  • Go with a list and try to the maximum not to make last minute incorporations, because in all likelihood it will be a craving that will burden our budget.
  • In addition, reuse and recycle come from pearls to reduce expenses and leave ‘alive’ – at least in economic terms – of the return to school.
  • Of course, stay informed about all the scholarships and grants that may arise in your city and your community and which you can take advantage of: scholarships for the dining room, for school supplies, for transportation …
  • Mark the clothes with the name to avoid losses and, of course, avoid buying them very just so that they do not take them before the first stretch of the child that we assure you is around the corner.

An urgent loan to face the return to school

An urgent loan to face the return to school

However, it is true that despite staying in the ‘shadow’ of these savings recommendations, it is likely that even the money that works in our battered bank account will allow us to defray so much expense.

In those cases, it is convenient to keep an ace up your sleeve, which could perfectly be an online loan that allows us to get liquidity quickly, easily and without questions.

In fact, it matters little that our name appears in a register of delinquents such as Asnef to grant us a loan. At least we will find a good handful of financiers willing to lend us money without paying attention to this detail.