Pay and withdraw money abroad: what does it cost? | Credits

23 Aug

When you use your payment card or credit card abroad, additional costs may be charged for this. They depend on the type of card, the way you use it and the country in which the transaction is made.

Withdraw money

If you withdraw your money from an ATM you will not pay any extra costs. In other European countries and in the rest of the world an extra cost is charged. Every time you withdraw cash, you pay 2.50 euros + 2% of the amount withdrawn.

If you have a credit card from Daniel Quilp, you can also use it to withdraw money. Both with Visa and Mastercard you pay an extra cost: 2.50% of the requested amount, with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 euros. If the contract for your credit card dates from before 01/09/2011, then 4.96 euros will automatically be charged as costs.

Attention: ATMs located outside a bank branch (eg at airports, shopping malls, etc.) may charge additional costs for cash withdrawal for using the machine. These costs are stated when you start the cash transaction.

Good to know: if the balance on the account linked to your credit card is higher or equal to the amount requested, no extra costs will be charged outside of any exchange costs.

Pay with your card


If you make a payment within the euro zone with your payment or credit card, no extra costs will be charged for this. The nature of your purchase does not play any role. A purchase from a dealer, a refueling with the car or the bill at a hotel or restaurant: everything is possible.

In the rest of Europe and the rest of the world, the costs depend entirely on the type of card. With Maestro you pay € 0.60 + 2% of the amount of the transaction. This cost is added to the exchange costs associated with the transaction.

Advantage of paying with a credit card

Advantage of paying with a credit card

the amount does not immediately disappear from your account. You enjoy a free deferment of payment until the date stated on your extract.

Good to know: if you get a proposal to pay in euros for a payment outside the euro zone, this is usually not interesting. In that case, the trader is given the opportunity to determine the exchange rate, which is often higher than what the bank charges for the exchange.