Debt default situations

15 Aug

Since it requires few procedures and a quick response so that the requested amount can be made available in the client’s current account in just 48 hours.

Applying for a quick loan is very simple

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In this same sense, the return is usually established in short-term terms in which there are also the easiest facilities to make the whole process as easy for the user. In the case of the rest of financial products, their request is longer in time and with greater bureaucratic processes, however, the consequences for their non-payment can be similar.

Therefore, what happens if the agreed periods for its return are breached?

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Today from Queen of Hearts we want to address this issue in detail. This breach brings a series of consequences for the user such as being included in the default lists such as ASNEF in which, as we have commented in previous articles, any alternative financing method is closed and in parallel the client acquires less credibility and trust. When making any economic transaction or even worse, harm the person who endorsed. And as the process to get out of these lists is not so simple as to be included, experts recommend never getting to the point of borrowing and making such defaults.

Once the debt has already been contracted and cannot be met

Once the debt has already been contracted and cannot be met

Alternatives should be used that reduce the consequences of this fact. We speak for example of giving the face and taking responsibility for non – payment , especially in cases where family members, friends or acquaintances have been those who have lent us the money to offer other deadlines and show the regret of what happened. If the debt has been contracted with a bank, it is best to go to the branch to be able to renegotiate the possible alternatives or payment deferrals . It is necessary that neither of the two ways begin to distrust, so a possible option is to request a quick loan to solve this situation of trust with the creditors.

It should also be analyzed why it has not been possible to face this debt according to the previous economic planning that is always done to detect possible bad habits in which the payment of default is probably not established as a priority issue. To do this, a detailed analysis of the personal financial situation must be done and the circumstances that have prevented the debt from being dealt with are reviewed.

In any case

quick loan

You should never believe that leaving without paying a debt is irrelevant, but that in addition to damaging our financial situation, it will bring all kinds of personal problems. Therefore we recommend paying it as soon as possible following these indications:

  • Calculate the available budget and get money doing overtime at work, looking for a second job temporarily, given private lessons …
  • It reduces the level of expenses incurred and strictly purchases the essentials. We refer not only to stop buying luxury or unnecessary products, but to make an effort and save for example in water, electricity or heating, use public transport or take home-made food.
  • Use the remaining budget correctly and think about what difficult economic situation you are in to get the necessary money and pay off the debt as soon as possible.


The data shows how the embargo of names or even the execution of properties are some of the extreme consequences that a court can decide to solve a problem generated by the imago of a debt. The crisis has left such devastating effects as these in which debts have all kinds of origins, from personal loans, mortgages, business, municipal tax debts, for basic services such as electricity or water, non-payment of telephone or settled operations in bank records.

Although the non-payment of a debt is not considered a crime within the Spanish Criminal Code, what is true is that at the civil level, penalties can be imposed such that the debtor is forced to respond with his property, payroll , guarantees, etc.

For this, there is no better alternative than to anticipate at this time, whether with the help or not of a financial professional to calculate the financial situation of each client and make the necessary approach to avoid reaching debt default and suffer for Both its consequences. This together with the adhesion of a series of saving habits, can solve us every month of being able to be included in a list of delinquents .

In Queen of Hearts we have a group of experts in the financial sector in addition to various tools such as a comparator of fast credits , bank accounts or personal loans in which according to the needs of each user, we can know in a few minutes, what are the products most appropriate financial according to each specific case.